Wyrd Realities exist where myth, folklore, science, & history intersect.

Wyrd Realities

The Wyrd Realities team is made up of authors, podcasters, and content creators who are constantly looking to discover things that introduce exciting and sometimes terrifying ideas, concepts, and theories to listeners. Our content explores the paranormal, preternatural, and the supernatural world we live in that challenges us to think outside of the box of what is normal.

The Wyrd Team:

Hadley Thorne, Wyrd Realities

Rich Restucci, Watching Wyrd

Joseph Hansen, Wyrd Ink

Logan Craft, Wyrd News

Finley Jones, Watching Wyrd Realities Ink Panel

Steven Kenny, Wyrd Outreach & Development

Allen Gamboa, Watching Wyrd

Scott Baker, Watching Wyrd/Wyrd News

Morgana Calder, Wyrd Ink

Jaime Hernandez, Wyrd Realities Floating Panel Host

Jenn Salmons, Wyrd Mysteries, Murders, & Mayhem

Wyrd Programming

The Wyrd Ink Sessions
Join occult researcher Morgana Calder and fiction author Joseph Hansen as they host conversations with some of the world’s most interesting fiction and non-fiction authors, podcasters, and docu-series makers. Topics can range from horror fiction to the occult, ancient myths, paranormal phenomena, government conspiracies, personal accounts and wyrd experiences.

Wyrd Mysteries, Murders, and Mayhem
Join Hadley Thorne and Jenn Salmons every other week as they are joined by members of the Wyrd team to discuss, dissect, and debate unsolved mysteries, case files of unspeakable murders, the chaos surrounding violent acts, serial killers, and normal folks who have snapped.

Watching Wyrd
Join movie addict and indie author Allen Gamboa along with his friends Scott Baker, Rich Restucci, and Hadley Thorne weekly as they discuss terrible cinema, cult classics, and review group recommendations. Gut-busting hilarity ensues as this group of friends make wisecracks and quips while they live stream weekly via facebook at Wyrd Realities Podcast. Coming this Fall this Wyrd crew will be giving weekly reviews of the SyFy Channels “Day of the Dead,” series.

Wyrd News
Special video news reports from man on the street Scott Baker and anchorman Logan Craft.

Watching Wyrd Realities Ink
Wyrd Realities special segment where a special panel of authors is chosen to act as subject matter experts to review a movie, television series, or tv show. Hosted by Finley Jones.

Tales From the WyrdDetails Coming Soon