On Wyrd Realities Ink Episode 2 James and Hadley interview Filmmaker and Producer, Matt Adams from North East’s Historical Stone Sites Investigations & Explorations. Based out of Boston, Mass, Matt Adams investigates stone chambers, balanced rocks, petroglyphs, and ceremonial centers across New England. He focuses on Native American and Early Colonization all over the North East. For the past 3 1/2 years Matt has been filming a docuseries on stone sites in the Northeast US and Canada. He has traveled to 15 states and filmed at over 210 sites. He’s also filtered through theory after theory in search of the truth. Between the amount of investigations and research he’s done, he’s ready to educate the masses and share what he’s learned with the world. Matt is writing a “Field Guide to Stone Features of the Northeast United States.” This guide will work to educate others on what to look for when in the field, how to collect evidence, and the preservation of historic finds. Find out more about Matt and his team at the North East’s Historical Stone Sites Investigations & Explorations’ website


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